UK enters 3rd lockdown, Israel 1st in vaccination numbers

Published on January 5, 2021 by
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Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s regional leaders are set to extend the country’s coronavirus lockdown to the end of January. And, in a meeting just now getting underway, they could further tighten those restrictions as well. Schools are currently closed in Germany. Now parents are bracing for yet more home-based learning.
People in England are under instructions to stay at home as their third national lockdown takes effect. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the emergency measures just yesterday, as the country battles a fast-spreading new coronavirus variant. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also bringing in strict lockdowns.
German firm BioNTech is warning against delaying the second shot of its COVID-19 vaccine beyond three weeks – saying it has no data about effectiveness after that point. Some countries have been postponing the second jab in an attempt to inoculate more people.
Indonesia will begin a nationwide vaccination program on January 13th. President Joko
Widodo will be given the first dose of the vaccine made by a Chinese firm.
Brazil is reporting at least two cases of the new, more- contagious coronavirus variant: one of them after contact with travelers from Europe.
Mexico has granted approval to the AstraZeneca – Oxford vaccine. That makes it the second vaccine to get the go-ahead there.
srael has approved the use of the Moderna Covid19 vaccine, becoming the third country in the world to do so, after the US and Canada.
Israel’s vaccination program has advanced more quickly than anywhere else in the world. Well over a million people have received the Biontech jab, around 15 percent of the population. Officials say they’ve secured 6 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, and first deliveries are expected “very soon.”
Coronavirus restrictions have forced people around the world to rediscover home cooking. People who once frequented restaurants have become their own caterers. And as our next report from India shows, in some cases that’s created new business opportunities.

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