Police arrest activists blocking motorway construction in Dannenrod Forest

Published on November 12, 2020 by
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Police arrested Sea-Watch 3 Captain Carola Rackete and several other people on Thursday as they continued clearing climate activists from the Dannenrod Forest near Homberg for the second consecutive day, as protesters sought to block the construction of a motorway in the area.
Rackete and other activists were seen sitting on trees, hammocks or inside tree houses they had built around multiple trunks and refusing to come down, as part of an attempt to block work ahead of the construction of a new segment of the A49 motorway, which will necessitate the clearing of roughly 85 hectares of the forest.
Rackete and other activists were taken from the trees and arrested after police used cranes, chainsaws, and other equipment to get them safely to the ground.

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