Cuba: the wifi generation

Published on May 22, 2020 by

What are the chances for Cuba with wifi? Is Cuba ready for a generation that is day and night on the phone via wifi? And if so, what does wifi mean for Cuba and the people living there? Is the former socialist state Cuba losing its identity by opening up and having wifi?

In this four-part series, Cuban-Dutch Yuri Capetillo Hardy returns to his native country that he left 15 years ago. Going back is always filled with sorrow as his mother died, and his former house is filled with memories. But how is the situation now in Cuba? What has changed, and what is still the same? A documentary about Cuba that tries to capture the soul of the people and the country. Since Cubans are no longer obliged to work for the state, almost everyone – whether it is legal or not – is doing business. Yuri is introduced to this yet unknown class: one of the entrepreneurs. He meets a few who are rich and a lot of second-hand dealers. Doing business is not a simple matter in a socialist country. It is bound to strict and in Yuri’s eyes somewhat illogical rules.

Original title: wifi en whiskey (2/4) Cuba na Castro
May 2019

Director: Maaike de Gruyter
Research: Pamela Kalkman
Editing: Femke Klein Obbink
Commissioning Editor: Stefanie de Brouwer
Camera: Joost van Herwijnen
Sound: Simone Galavazi, Rik Meier, Kees de Groot
Production: Nicole Frints, Jeroen Mondria

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