Canada and World Full Headlines for December 26

Published on December 27, 2020 by

In our top story: In Ontario, two people have tested positive for that new, more contagious strain of COVID-19 that was first detected in the United Kingdom and officials don’t know how they got it. It’s a rattling development for the province, which just today entered a sweeping lockdown to get its surging case numbers under control. For the last 12 days, Ontario has recorded more than 2,000 cases a day. Abigail Bimman reports on what we know on the new strain and what the province’s new lockdowns involve.

The U.S. now has nearly 19 million COVID-19 cases and unemployment benefits may run out by the end of Saturday. That would leave about 14 million Americans with no money coming in. President Donald Trump, who is at his Florida resort, has refused to sign a government spending bill that includes a COVID-19 relief package. If it is not signed, a partial government shutdown could begin Tuesday, leaving millions of federal workers without a paycheque. Jennifer Johnson reports.

Researchers are looking for the magic bullet that will eradicate cancer and they may be one step closer after a lab in B.C. has found a way to use an extremely rare cancer drug, one that previously relied on limited supplies of radioactive waste. Jordan Armstrong explains how it could make a major difference.

It’s been an interesting year in Canadian politics, marked by pandemic cooperation and conflict. But the holidays can work magic on even the toughest in Ottawa and what better way to put politics aside than with story time and Santa Claus. Canada’s prime minister and MPs of all parties sat down to read ‘Santa is Coming to Ottawa’.

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