Canada and World Full Headlines for December 24

Published on December 25, 2020 by

In tonight’s top story: Canada’s two biggest provinces are breaking new daily records for new COVID-19 cases, with Ontario heading into a province-wide lockdown on Boxing Day. Mike Drolet reports on the criticism over this lockdown’s timing. As Canada receives its first shipment of Moderna’s newly-approved COVID-19 vaccine, new data suggests rolling out all vaccine doses available now may be the best approach, Abigail Bimman explains. In Europe, the UK is fighting the new variant of COVID-19 just as it has finally reached an agreement with the European Union on the post-Brexit trade deal – seven days before the deadline. Crystal Goomansingh has more. South of the border, 85 million Americans are expected to defy travel restrictions with holiday travel this season, triggering fears this Christmas season will be the U.S.’s next superspreader event. Jennifer Johnson has more. Plus, churches around the world held scaled-back services and masses, as they try to adapt to a pandemic-affected Christmas on this 2020’s Christmas Eve. Travis Dhanraj reports.

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