Canada and World Full Headlines for February 2

Published on February 3, 2021 by

In our top story: There are allegations against Canada’s former top soldier, Gen. Jonathan Vance. He is accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour as a senior leader in the Canadian Armed Forces. Mercedes Stephenson has the exclusive details.

Turning to the pandemic, after weeks of dropping case numbers, it appears the COVID-19 crisis may finally be starting to ease. But there are warnings tonight that Canada is not in the clear. More cases of the highly contagious new variants are being detected every day. New Brunswick confirmed its first cases today of the U.K. variant. At least 148 cases of COVID-19 variants have been confirmed across the country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday announced a new plan with vaccine-maker Novavax to produce a vaccine in Canada. But the company’s product is not approved for use yet and the production facility in Montreal will take months to build. Abigail Bimman reports.

The need for vaccines is more urgent than ever with variants spreading across Canada. New Brunswick, having reported its first cases of the U.K. variant, warned it will put more pressure on its health system and showed how the fast-moving variant could impact case numbers. As Heather Yourex-West reports, the variants are now being detected in Canadian schools.

After six weeks of the strictest lockdown measures in the country, some areas of Quebec are having some restrictions eased. Premier Francois Legault stressed though the battle is not over and many measures are still in place. Amanda Jelowicki reports.

Capt. Sir Tom Moore, the centenarian who put a smile on so many faces by raising millions to fight the pandemic, passed away from COVID-19 on Tuesday. The 100-year-old British war veteran had been admitted to hospital on Sunday after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Now, Moore is being remembered not only for his military service, but as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson put it, for becoming “more than a national inspiration … but a beacon of hope for the world.” Redmond Shannon looks at Moore’s life and legacy.

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