Victoria won’t eventually introduce further COVID restrictions

Published on January 2, 2021 by
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Political consultant Jim Middleton says it is hard to believe Victoria will not eventually introduce more COVID-19 restrictions in response to the emerging outbreaks.

“I find it had to believe that we won’t be in a situation where there will eventually be more restrictions,” he said.

“The difference between what happened with hotel quarantine and aged care back when the second wave started is those cases largely emerged from overseas arrivals, on this occasion they’re coming from NSW.

“People returning over the holiday period from NSW into Victoria are not necessarily going to all end up in Melbourne.

“What the government was able to do last time in Victoria was lock down Melbourne and stop the virus getting out to the rest of the state and indeed to the rest of Australia”.

Mr Middleton said the “failure” of the Berejiklian government to act early and take “sufficient steps” will mean the virus will potentially spread to other parts of Victoria and not just Melbourne.

“That is going to make it, I suspect, somewhat more difficult, or at least a different challenge to what was faced during the winter here in Victoria,” he told Sky News.

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