US failure to recognise ‘systemic racism’ hinders progress

Published on May 29, 2020 by

Sky News contributor Jason Israel says there isn’t a clear recognition of “systemic racism” in the United States and argues this has hindered the reparation of past hurt among the African American community.

“Opponents of that term say it means everybody in the system is racist which may not be the case. It actually means the system we’ve developed over the last 100 years has been unequitable for minorities,” Mr Israel said.

“If people can’t even just recognise that, then they can’t even begin to address the problem which in one way is manifesting itself in Minneapolis.”

“In my hometown of Baltimore, there were laws that didn’t allow black soldiers coming back from WWII, even with the G.I. Bill, to get a home loan that white people did. That’s just over 70 years ago.”

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