‘Truly remarkable development’ in Georgia runoff elections

Published on January 6, 2021 by

There is a “truly remarkable development” in the two Georgia Senate runoff elections, according to the US Studies Centre’s Jared Mondschein.

“It does seem like the numbers are trending towards the two Democrats there,” Mr Mondschein said.

The Democrats need to win both Senate runoff elections in order to split the Senate 50-50 between both parties and therefore giving future-Vice President Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote.

GOP incumbent David Perdue holds a narrow lead over Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff, while fellow Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler is currently losing to Raphael Warnock.

Despite the current results, there are still ballots to be counted in inner city Atlanta as well as mail-in ballots, both of which tend to lean Democrat.

However, there are 17,000 outstanding military ballots which usually swing towards the Republicans.

Mr Mondschein said the fact the numbers are trending towards the Democrats is a “truly remarkable development” given recent Senate history in Georgia.

A Democratic senatorial candidate has not won in Georgia since 1996.

“This is a truly significant shift in Georgia.”

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