The Nightwolves: Putin’s Bikers

Published on May 9, 2020 by

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At the end of April around 1000 ’Night Wolves’ and the biker club supporters met in Moscow to celebrate the start of the motorcycle season. They paraded through the capital, put on bike shows, and put on concerts. But do they have a hidden extremist agenda?

The largest motorcycle club in Russia has around 5000 members who are organized into 50 local chapters. They are considered ultra-nationalist, ultra-conservative, and completely loyal to the Kremlin. Club boss Alexander Saldostanow, known as ’Surgeon’, is a close personal friend of President Putin. The group has received medals of honor for their work in the patriotic education of Russian youth. However, others claim the Night Wolves are a paramilitary organization and say they have significantly interfered in the Ukraine conflict. Our film crew obtained an exclusive interview with the club President about their radical political views and the role of the Night Wolves in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. We also speak to human rights activists and politicians about the organization and investigate the group’s controversial trip to Berlin to commemorate the Red Army in WWII. An exclusive look inside the group. Starring Alexander Zaldostanov.

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