Texas man pepper-sprayed & arrested while filming son being detained

Published on December 30, 2020 by

A Texas man is suing two police officers in the city of Keller for pepper-spraying him in the face and then denying him medical attention as they detained him, after he filmed an officer arresting his son.

Dylan Puente was driving to his grandmother’s house on Aug. 15 when he was pulled over by cops and issued a ticket for making a wide right turn. After the minor infraction, he rolled his window up, but Sergeant Blake Shimanek alleged the 22-year-old was acting suspiciously, told him to get out of the car and proceeded to arrest him.

At that point Dylan’s father, Marco Puente, drove by. He stopped and started filming the altercation. The officer reportedly threatened to apprehend Marco for blocking the street with his truck, so he moved his vehicle while continuing to film the cops’ encounter with his son. Moments later, Shimanek ordered Officer Ankit Tomer to arrest Marco, and he was pepper-sprayed. He was also denied any medical help despite asking for it repeatedly.

After being left in the back of a patrol car for seven minutes, Dylan’s father was taken to a local jail where he was finally able to wash his face

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