Shafia family murders: House of Shafia (2012)

Published on April 23, 2020 by

A father, a mother and a brother stand convicted of the first-degree murders of four women found drowned in a submerged car in a Kingston, Ont. canal — the so-called “honour killing” that has shocked a nation. But so many questions still remain.

How were three young women and their stepmother held as virtual captives in their own home in a country that prides itself on protecting women and children? How did police and social workers — highly trained to recognize vulnerable people in potential danger — not pick up and act on the warning signs that were so obvious to teachers, relatives and friends?

Family and friends break their silence for the first time and reveal what life was like under the iron-fisted rule of a domineering father whose word was law; with a brother who was his eyes, ears and accomplice; and with a mother whose indifference to her daughters’ pleas and whose willingness to be a partner in their murders has shocked so many Canadians.

With exclusive interviews, we’ll hear from those close enough to know what was going on: relatives who feared for the girls’ safety; teachers at their school who knew there was trouble at home; and the two young men who dared to have feelings for the Shafia sisters, but who in the end could not save them.

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