Seven Sisters constellation may be one of the “oldest stories” in history

Published on December 27, 2020 by

ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker says there is new evidence the Seven Sisters constellation may be the oldest story in the world as it dates back 100,000 years.

Dr Tucker says this discovery is fascinating as cultures “all around the world” have stories about the constellation and “keep pointing at seven objects” even though only six are visible to the naked eye.

“Tracing back, it may appear in fact that about 100,000 years ago a seventh star was much brighter and slowly changed, either due to an eruption or some natural movements and therefore we only see six,” he told Sky News.

He says the story of the seven sisters can be found all over the world and it makes sense that it would have a basis in astronomy.

“It does make sense that a first or one of the oldest stories that is really pervasive through all of human history could be an astronomy thing.”

“If it’s not … why do all these groups that are seemingly different and separate have the same story and the same belief and observation record?”

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