Pandemic: Fast Changing World

Published on May 16, 2020 by

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The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have spared no region of the world apart from the Antarctic. Different countries are fighting the global health crisis differently, depending on their means and willingness to take drastic measures. RT Documentary filmmakers and colleagues from around the world have spoken about the challenges their countries and families are facing.

In Part 1, see how Latin Americans are handling the pandemic, from isolated Amazon tribes to residents of Rio’s favelas and Chilean protesters. You can also have a look at post-lockdown Iran and see how Israeli protesters demonstrate while observing social distancing.
Part 2 shows how the pandemic is playing out in one of the world’s most crowded places – Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps. Plus, see what Serbia’s like under curfew and how Philippines President Duterte has given police the greenlight to shoot lockdown violators.


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