Most Expensive Things in the World

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Most Expensive Things in the World. Did you know…?
00:06 Most Expensive Diamond
20 million euros for the perfect diamond. Its name: “Winston Legacy”. And the most expensive diamond so far: the “Pink Star”, sold for 60 million dollars, 4th of April, 2017, at Sotheby´s in Hong Kong. We take a closer look at how such a diamond is sold at an auction.

05:33 Most Expensive Chocolate
Chocolate. Just the word alone melts in the mouth. But would you have thought that 50 grams of this bar cost an astounding 220 euros? This is the most expensive chocolate in the world. And it comes from…

10:54 Most Expensive Restaurant
Did you know that you have to pay 900 Euros, beverages not included, for an unforgettable menu in the most expensive restaurant in Asia? We visit this “place to be” and find out what you get for that price.

16:10 Most Expensive Dog
The most expensive breed of dog in the world – the Tibetan Mastiff. So to speak, the Rolls Royce among dogs. But do you know how much a dog like this costs? We find out what makes this dog special and so expensive!

21:38 Most Expensive Jacket
Did you know that the lotus flower is the supplier of one of the most exclusive and rare fabrics in the world? Lotus silk! From this material an Italian luxury brand makes a very special jacket- costing 7000 euros. We take a closer look at this special jacket.

26:54 Most Expensive Salt
It is the most expensive salt on earth – the Laesoe salt. Do you know how much this salt is actually worth? We travel to the Baltic Sea to find out more about this luxurious salt.

32:22 Most Expensive Spice
It is the most expensive spice in the world – the Charapita chilli. One kg costs over 20.000 euros. Would you have thought that it is even more expensive than saffron?
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