Melania Trump torn down because of ‘wrong political affiliation’

Published on April 5, 2021 by

Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens says the attempt to drag Melania Trump’s swimsuit-modelling days to defend Jill Biden’s choice to wear fishnet stockings is a “total false equivalence”.

First Lady Jill Biden was “trending” on Twitter after photos emerged of her stepping off Air Force One wearing fish net stockings.

Twitter went into overdrive with some people criticising her, and then others defending her by digging up photos of former first lady Melania Trump during her swimsuit modelling days.

“What I took issue with is the fact that people were putting up photos of Melania from when she was a swimsuit model as if to sort of decry the fact that people were criticising Jill Biden when ‘look how terribly Melania used to dress’,” Ms Cousens said.

She said it epitomised “women tearing down other women” because they have the so-called “wrong political affiliation”.

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