Man City don’t rely on one star like a Messi or Ronaldo, they are a true team

Published on May 5, 2021 by

ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf and Jurgen Klinsmann examine how Manchester City is revolutionising football by not relying on a singular star to carry the team in big competitions.

0:00​ Leboeuf compares Man City to Liverpool’s Champions League winning side, calling them true teams and showing how a team mentality has become more important than signing one or two superstars.
1:11​ Klinsmann says it’s still possible to integrate stars into a squad and give them extra attention, but credits Pep Guardiola for keeping the big picture in mind and maintaining team chemistry.
3:32​ The guys debate whether Man City would prefer to face Chelsea or Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final.

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