How I came face to face with rioter after he attacked police officer

Published on January 14, 2021 by

Warning: Some viewers may find the content distressing.

Newly released footage from The Telegraph shows the Trump supporter who was filmed allegedly beating officer during storming of Congress

It was January 6. A violent mob had just stormed the US Capitol building. As I spoke to rioters outside, I could tell that one of the men near me – a striking, shaggy-haired man – had been in the centre of the unrest that had played out in the halls of Congress.

He was visibly suffering from the effects of the tear gas that law enforcement officers had just released to disperse the crowd. As I approached him, he described what it had been like to “breach” the seat of US government.

His next comments were so shocking I assumed they were a consequence of the tense atmosphere we found ourselves in. But cross-referencing my footage of this man, I discovered that our encounter had come just minutes after he had allegedly assaulted a police officer.

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