Hong Kong police end wild car chase in Sha Tin after shooting suspect in shoulder

Published on April 9, 2021 by

Hong Kong police shot a driver in the shoulder in Sha Tin on April 8, 2021, after failing to stop a speeding vehicle with an expired licence. The 5km (3.1 mile) car chase left three people injured after the driver sped off, zigzagging along roads and later driving in the opposite direction of traffic. The vehicle also ran three red lights, slammed into a bus, two private cars, two taxis and a police vehicle before being stopped by police. During a car search, officers say they found suspected burglary tools including hammers, gloves and pliers, prompting investigation on possible further crimes. The 45-year-old suspect and his girlfriend, who was in the car with a two-year-old child, are said to have criminal records and triad backgrounds.

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