Hidden In America: Prison Ink – PRISON TATTOOS

Published on November 7, 2020 by
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Hidden In America: Prison Ink – This documentary explores the world of prison tattoos.
From doomsday cults to biker gangs, from underground fight clubs to suburban swingers, Hidden In America shines a light into the most secret corners of American society. Using expert analysis and unseen archive footage, this groundbreaking series goes where other shows fear to tread; revealing the secrets of outlaw gangs, strange sects, and forbidden subcultures and giving an insight into society’s mysterious underbelly. Members of America’s most notorious and deadly doomsday cults speak out about how and why they were driven to such dramatic acts of devotion. Outlaw motorcycle gang members reveal the secret codes of conduct that bind them together – and sometimes tear them apart. Swingers explain why they’ve stepped beyond the bounds of monogamy into the world of open relationships. With the militia movement booming in America, gun-toting amateur soldiers explain why they are taking up arms, practicing military drills and carrying out armed patrols.

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