Full Live Episode S. Korea News Broadcast May 27

Published on May 27, 2020 by

▪ Flight passengers in S. Korea must wear face masks from Wed.

▪ Hydroxychloroquine safety findings out by mid-June: WHO

▪ Mink infected two humans with COVID-19 in Netherlands

▪ Expert recommends use of surgical masks for public use during summer

▪ S. Korea’s GDP ranks 10th in the world in 2019, down 2 notches from 2018

▪ S. Korea’s business sentiment for May slightly up on-month to 53: BOK

▪ Hyundai, Kia rank 4th in global electric car market in H1 2020

▪ China to pass national security law on Thursday despite opposition in Hong Kong

▪ China shares info on proposed Hong Kong security law with S. Korea

▪ Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong questioned over 2015 merger

▪ Sunny and warm nationwide

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