Full Live Episode S. Korea News Broadcast May 25

Published on May 25, 2020 by

▪ President Moon to chair high-level meeting to discuss country’s fiscal strategy

▪ Local transmission of COVID-19 continues in S. Korea with sixth-hand infections stemming from Itaewon case

▪ One-hour COVID-19 test kits to be available in S. Korea from June

▪ U.S. jobless rate could stay in double digits through November: WH economic adviser

▪ China will likely face U.S. sanctions over Hong Kong national security laws: O’Brien

▪ N. Korea should give up nuclear program if it wants to ‘reenter world’: U.S. National Security Adviser

▪ Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu goes on trial on corruption charges

▪ COVID-19 accelerating development of non-contact ID systems

▪ Warm and sunny afternoon in store

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