Full Live Episode S. Korea News Broadcast for February 22

Published on February 22, 2021 by

▪ S. Korea reports 332 new COVID-19 cases on Monday

▪ S. Korea to begin vaccinations with AstraZeneca on Friday, Pfizer on Saturday

▪ UK speeds up COVID-19 vaccination programs, aiming to inoculate all adults by end of July

▪ Americans should be wearing face masks in 2022 depending on dynamics of virus: Fauci

▪ Myanmar situation worsens, at least four killed and 100 more injured

▪ South Koreans must pay 20% tax when Bitcoin trading profit exceeds US$ 2,260 beginning 2022

▪ 360,000 workers at S. Korean SMEs temporarily laid off due to pandemic

▪ Economic Calendar This Week: Week beginning 22nd February 2021

▪ Djokovic wins 18th Grand Slam, set to break longest top ranking streak

▪ Newbery Award winner Tae Keller on trapping tigers, biracial identity and Korean women

▪ Intense dry weather in east, dust west of central regions

* 2021-02-22, 10:00​ (KST)

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