Exploitation of the Arctic: The End of Fishing? – Ice Race

Published on January 9, 2021 by

Ice Race – Exploitation of the Arctic: The End of Fishing? – Arctic Documentary
What are the challenges being faced by one of the world’s most important larders, the Artic, now that the ice is melting?

The race to exploit vast natural resources has commenced in one of the world’s most important larders. The earth’s most vulnerable ecosystem is under threat from dying fish, oil spills and global warming. As the ice melts many people are being tempted to engage in predatory activities in the Arctic. An ocean from which the fish have previously disappeared – will this occur again?

In the program entitled “Predatory Activities” you will hear that climate change and increased petroleum activities in the future would change current hunting and fishing patterns. This would create new tension in the fragile administration of the northern areas. What challenges are we actually facing and how would they affect current fishing activities? Will the nations involved manage to cooperate?

Previous predatory activities in the Arctic have left their mark for all eternity, with whales and fish being hunted to extinction simply by using basic hunting methods. The ice is now melting. High-tech trawlers, global oil companies and giant supertankers are all heading for the north. The race has started in earnest. However, at the same time our knowledge is better. Will we manage to look after this vulnerable area this time, or will the melting ice cause us to engage in new predatory activities with unexpected consequences?
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