Corona diaries

Published on May 24, 2020 by

People from all over the world have been describing the drastic impact of the corona pandemic: The empty streets outside their homes, their fears and daily routines, the news, the regulations, the newly discovered sense of community as well as the small moments of hope.

Google offers endless results if you enter a search for corona + diary. What else is there to do when everything is closed and normal life has ground to a halt: When the shops are shuttered, the office doors locked and whole regions have been placed under quarantine? What do you do to fend off the boredom and the uncertainty? But wait a minute, there is always your mobile phone. People everywhere have been using them to document this most unusual of times, recording their thoughts both for themselves and for others.

In the form of video diaries the protagonists record their personal stories in these times of global pandemic providing personal and authentic insights on a truly global event; and one which has yet to play out, nobody knows today what tomorrow will bring.

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