Concerns UK vaccine approval has been ‘very fast’

Published on December 4, 2020 by
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Former head of the WHO Emergency Medical Team Dr Ian Horton says he is concerned the UK’s vaccine approval process has been so fast even though it is under emergency pandemic conditions.

“They’re in different conditions than we are here in Australia, it’s under pandemic conditions, emergency measures, but I am still concerned that it’s very very fast,” Dr Horton told Sky News.

“I’m looking to see what evidence they’ve gone through, or if they’ve just taken the evidence directly from the manufacturer.”

Dr Horton also said the Australian government has the right strategy in not pushing forward its vaccine timeline because there is “nothing wrong” in waiting to see the results from the UK and the US as they emerge.

“There are still elements of the phase three trial that is still ongoing we need to watch for safety but also the longer term effects and the longer term efficacy of the vaccine,” he said.

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