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Follow DEA agents on their quest to track down and bust narco-submarines in one of the most violent places in Colombia: the Pacific coastal region of Tumaco.

Our investigation takes us onto the streets and into the mangrove swamps with joint team of DEA Special Agents and Colombian commandos.

We’ll meet a drug sub informant who ventures out to mark a sub site for capture – and subsequently goes missing. And travel to a clandestine meeting with one of the very first drug sub inventors; an engineer hired by Pablo Escobar now in hiding, he shares his original “test” footage of the very first cocaine submarine prototype ever built.

Later, we venture out with a DEA interdiction team as they seize several ‘semi-subs’ for clues to their makers.

And by program’s end, our cameras are there when DEA and Colombian Marines bag the biggest prey of all – the first fully submersible cocaine submarine ever seized in Colombia!

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