China in Focus Full Headlines for November 9

Published on November 9, 2021 by

The United States is opening for fully vaccinated travelers, including those from China. But a Hong Kong government expert raises concerns about the efficacy of some foreign vaccines.

Parts of China are getting blasted by a snowstorm—almost a full month earlier than usual.

A $200 million Marvel Studios movie wasn’t released in China this weekend, all because of remarks its director made years ago.

Mockups of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier have been discovered in a desert. Satellite images suggest they could be part of new Chinese army training exercises.

Beijing blacklists three Taiwan politicians. But instead of viewing them as punishment, those on China’s blacklist instead respond with statements of pride.

A major meeting of the Chinese Communist Party has begun. Ahead of the event, the regime’s top media mouthpiece published a 12,000-word article, highlighting what it called Xi Jinping’s achievements.

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