China in Focus Full Headlines for November 6

Published on November 6, 2020 by
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By slamming the brakes on financial firm Ant Group’s record-setting IPO, Beijing’s Communist regime reminds the Chinese people: do not refute the Communist Party. That’s no matter how rich you are or how obedient you’ve been.

China’s famous Three Gorges Dam has finally been approved. It comes as a surprise, as the dam has already been in use for 8 years.

Some Chinese vendors have lost their only way of making a living. Many express concern for the future, but they’ve received little acknowledgment from local officials. That’s after authorities took away their shop units.

The U.S. takes another step towards decoupling from China. The non-profit College Board will soon end its partnership with a Chinese government agency.

And a German man spent 7 years in a Chinese prison. He describes how prisoners are exploited for cheap labor to make money for the communist regime.

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