China in Focus Full Headlines for May 5

Published on May 5, 2021 by

The Chinese Communist Party leader is pushing for more military deterrence.
In a speech, he claimed China has the upper hand amid the current global situation.

The world’s biggest power players are debating how to deal with China. America’s top diplomat is making his position clear.

The Pentagon is calling for a “new vision” for U-S defense. It’s top official says the country should use technology to address threats from China.

The Philippines’ Foreign Minister seems to have had enough. He told China to “get out” in a Twitter post, complete with vulgar language. This as Chinese ships continuously show up in Filipino waters.

And the sea level is rising along China’s coast. A number of cities could be at risk, including financial hub Shanghai. New reports disclose the unusual reason why.

00:00​ Intro
00:55​ Xi Jinping urges deterrence against the west
03:05​ Blinken: ‘not our purpose’ to contain China
05:14​ U.S. defense chief predicts new type of war
06:26​ Australia general warns about Beijing’s threats
07:31​ Philippine minister slams Beijing with expletive
09:21​ CCP claims population continuing to grow
11:09​ Report: China’s coastal cities at risk
12:56​ Hong kong leader eyes ‘fake news’ laws
14:22​ Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen honored w/ prestigious award
16:54​ Chinese investments in UK’s infrastructure
19:43​ Chinese banks linked to global deforestation

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