China in Focus Full Headlines for March 31

Published on March 31, 2021 by

A Chinese Consul General takes aim at Canada. The diplomat accused the country of becoming a “running dog” for the U.S., and Justin Trudeau of being a “spendthrift.”

What’s behind Beijing’s ramped-up aggression? Some tie the country’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy back to the 60’s Cultural Revolution.

Disney Studios expressed thanks to organizations tied to the Chinese Communist Party. That’s for allowing the company’s live action film “Mulan” to shoot there. An insider shares more on how Hollywood is yielding to China.

The Oscars will not air in Hong Kong. That’s because a film documenting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests has been nominated for an award.

And China’s economy appears to have suffered much less than other nations, based on Beijing’s economic data. But an expert explains why that data may not be trustworthy.

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