Catching A Serial Killer: The Bike Path Rapist Altemio Sanchez Buffalo, New York

Published on April 27, 2020 by

The Discovery Channel Documentary on the bike path rapist, that Dan Oshier Video Productions was fortunate to work on, filming from the air and on location throughout Buffalo, New York and surrounding suburbs.

He Raped. . .
Altemio Sanchez was a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde–a family man who resided in Buffalo, New York, with a wife and two sons, worked nights as a machinist, and concealed a terrible secret. Once a year, after his shift, he’d make a side trip to a secluded spot where women would ride bikes and jog. He was called “The Bike Path Rapist”–until he crossed the line from rape to murder.

He Killed. . .

For fourteen years, the Bike Path Killer mercilessly raped and murdered his prey, eluding police every step of the way. Then, the killings stopped. People wondered whether he’d left town, had been locked up in prison for another crime, or maybe even died. But when another woman’s corpse with the same lethal signature surfaced, authorities knew the Bike Path Killer was back.

And He Almost Got Away With It.

For twenty-five years, a series of rapes and murders by a faceless man dubbed “The Bike Path Rapist” terrorized the quiet suburbs of Buffalo, New York. His first known attacks were in the early 1980s, and his spree continued through 1994. After a twelve-year gap, in September 2006 he strangled and killed a forty-five-year-old mother on a rural bike path.

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