Canada and World Full Headlines for January 4

Published on January 5, 2021 by
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On this episode of Global National: After saying he will not sanction anyone in his government for travelling abroad during the coronavirus pandemic, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has now accepted the resignations and demotions of several MLAs who left Canada for the holidays. Heather Yourex-West reports on the outrage that has led Kenney to backtrack.

Plus, more federal MPs in Ottawa have come into the spotlight after they were revealed to have travelled outside Canada against public health advice during the coronavirus pandemic. David Akin breaks down how the public scrutiny is affecting the parties, and how they are taking further action.

Canada’s overall number of COVID-19 cases have now surpassed 600,000. Ontario and Quebec’s case numbers continue to surge, amid fears about rising hospitalizations and a post-holiday spike in infections. As Eric Sorensen explains, health officials are warning everyone to keep taking the virus seriously.

And overseas, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced another harsh lockdown in England, as Britain’s COVID-19 cases keep surging out of control. As Redmond Shannon reports, the situation is growing dire as the country’s hospitals could soon be overwhelmed.

Turning to American politics, as U.S. voters in Georgia prepare to determine who will control the Senate, President Donald Trump is still fixated on his own election loss there, even directly pressuring the state over the phone to overturn results. As Jackson Proskow reports, Trump’s efforts to defy democracy is entering dangerous territory.

Also, Canada’s NHL teams are preparing for another pandemic hockey season – one that will see them all squaring off with each other as part of an all-Canadian division. Mike Armstrong reports on how the new format could bring a lot more intensity.

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