Canada and World Full Headlines for April 18

Published on April 19, 2021 by

In tonight’s top story: The federal government is coordinating with other provinces to mobilize emergency help to Ontario as cases and hospitalizations of COVID-19 are surging in the third wave of the pandemic.

The federal government also offered to cover all the costs necessary to mobilize health-care staff from provinces to Ontario one day before Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tables the federal government’s budget.

Mike Le Couteur looks at what’s expected in the upcoming budget.

As the world looks for economic recovery from the pandemic, the government has pointed to immigration as essential to Canada recovering economically, but some experts say that’s a misleading argument with high numbers of jobless people in the country.

Mike Drolet reports on how the pandemic affected immigration application processing, which might take months or years to clear.

On the first anniversary of the Nova Scotia shooting that killed 22 victims, Ross Lord reports on how families are still feeling their questions haven’t been answered, and their concerns haven’t been properly addressed.

The closing arguments in the trial of Derek Chauvin, ex-police officer accused of killing George Floyd, will be made Monday. Jackson Proskow reports on the trial’s emotional witness testimonies on police tactics and use of force.

Redmond Shannon reports on what’s behind the recent military actions taken by Russia’s near the Ukrainian border, which could possibly be seen as an intimidation to the new U.S. administration.

Plus, Jennifer Johnson reports on U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issuing a warning Saturday about Peloton’s Tread+ treadmill, warning people with kids and pets to stop using the treadmill after one child died and nearly 40 others reported injuries.

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