Belly Of A Nation 2

Published on November 24, 2020 by

1. Ties That Bind: Singapore Hawkers And Those Keeping The Trade Alive
2. Old Tastes: Singapore Hawkers Serving Up Traditional Asian Recipes
3. How Singapore’s Favourite Hawkers Survived The COVID-19 Lockdown
4. After Lockdown, Life Of Singapore’s Hawkers Beyond COVID-19
An Executive Chef of a Chinese fine-dining restaurant who went to jail and paid his dues. A former air steward who unknowingly participated in a Ponzi scheme and chalked up a $200,000 debt. A formidable 75-year old boss of a long-time Tze Char stall and her grand-niece, a gutsy millennial and former cafe worker.

Meet some of the colourful characters who show us the secrets behind their famous fare like fried Oyster Omelette, Nasi Briyani and a unique culinary delight that requires 24 hours of preparation—Basin Dish.

But all this hard work doesn’t come easy. They let us into their lives and behind the scenes as day-to-day tension and clashes persist. They also share their checkered pasts, and paths to redemption.

Food is life, and these are the ties that bind. Welcome to Belly of a Nation.


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