A new threat is ‘looming’ over individual freedoms in Australia

Published on April 18, 2021 by

Sky News host Rowan Dean says “every aspect of human liberty” is currently under threat “permanently and perhaps irrevocably” by the politically popular digital vaccine passport.

“This thing has crept up on us out of the dark fog of the coronavirus” Mr Dean said and pointed out many were naively welcoming the “potential enslaver”.

“It is insidious”.

“It is lethal.

“And the worst bit is we are inviting it into our lives.”

Mr Dean said he had “no problem” with taking any vaccine as long as people know what the risks are, and people are free to choose to take it or not.

However, he labelled coercion through the workplace or restricting the liberties of those who choose not to take the vaccine “as obscene as it is wrong”.

“Any attempt at a mandatory vaccination program or any kind of coercion leading to some weird Chinese-style social credit system of a vaccine passport must be resisted at all costs.”

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