Vietnam: The Soldier’s Story

Published on October 27, 2020 by

Vol. 1 – Ambush! Battle of Ia Drang
Superb ABC News TV mini-series – hosted by reporter and veteran Jack Smith – is a set of documentaries, with each episode providing a different segment of the Vietnam war, as seen through the eyes of the veterans of the war. With excellent interviews and rare footage.

This is the episode: “Ambush! The Battle of Ia Drang” and features outstanding interviews with the most well-known participants (host Jack Smith himself was there in the battle as a young man). The team also returns to Vietnam and to the site of the battle as it looked only 30 years after the fight.
Vol. 2 – “Under Siege at Khe Sanh
This is the episode: “Under Siege at Khe Sanh.” In early 1968 American troops found themselves pinned down in land locked combat base for 77 days. The marine base at Khe Sahn was ancient, isolated, desolate and divorced from reality. Under siege by the North Vietnamese bombs and rockets cascaded on the men below. Suddenly, there was no place to hide, no place was safe. “Death was measured in inches” said one soldier. This is the dramatic story of a daily routine punctuated by terror under constant fire, uncommon courage and unspoken heroism. This program includes historical footage and interviews with the people who know this story the best, the soldiers who fought it.

This series first aired in October 1998 in six parts. Apologies for any technical issues with the picture or audio – this transfer was taken from an original VHS copy of the program.

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