Twitter’s bias censoring is ‘infringing on Trump’s freedom of expression in politics’

Published on November 3, 2020 by

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Twitter’s censoring of Donald Trump’s “valid” tweet is an “infringement of his freedom of expression in politics” and poses a real issue.

The Supreme Court has endorsed the rights of states, including Pennsylvania and North Carolina, to continue accepting votes after the election.

“So, if the vote is tight, even after counting the day after the election, more votes could come. Where will they come from, who will check them? This raises serious questions,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said Donald Trump raised these issues on Monday in a “provocative tweet” where he argued the decision was dangerous and could lead to cheating, which would incite violence.

“That’s a provocative tweet, but an essential argument to have, and a valid point to have,” he said.

“What did Twitter do? They shut down that tweet.

“This is a real issue here, and its affecting Donald Trump more than any other candidate. An infringement of his freedom of expression in politics.

“I saw Joe Biden the other day, for instance, say that Donald Trump had banned all Muslim immigration. That’s a lie, that’s an inflammatory lie, but it just not checked in the same way.

“Keep an eye out for that one, it’s a real troubling issue that will live long beyond this election.”

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