Trump legal advisor questions election integrity as Democrats coronate Biden ‘King of America’

Published on November 15, 2020 by

Senior Trump 2020 Campaign Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis says a “really big crisis” is emerging in the wake of the presidential election concerning the transparency and integrity of ballot counting systems in the United States.

Speaking about the legal action initiated by the Trump administration, she said the ultimate goal was ensure every legal vote was counted fairly and illegal votes were not counted.

Ms Ellis said while “the law says that both Republican and Democrat operatives can observe the ballot count to preserve transparency and election integrity” there were cases in which Republicans were not given access to observe the process.

“What we’re seeing on the ground here now in at least seven states is there has been unlawful activity… votes that are counted by non-residents by dead people”.

Additionally, she claimed Dominion Voting Systems, used to count the ballots, have altered the results in up to 28 states.

“It’s not just an irregularity. It’s not just a glitch. It’s a feature of the system”.

Ms Ellis said the Democrats “want to put in Joe Biden as the coronated monarch of America”.

“Newsflash to the rest of the world… we don’t have a King of America we have a separation of powers under a constitutional republic, we have free and fair elections and so the media cannot just declare Joe Biden the president”.

“This isn’t just about President Trump. This is about maintaining election integrity.”

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