Trump being ‘obnoxious and aggressive’ gains him ‘enormous attention’

Published on November 11, 2020 by

The Australian’s Greg Sheridan says the paradox about Donald Trump is that “because he is so obnoxious and so aggressive” he in turn gains an enormous amount of attention which a conventional Republican doesn’t get.

Mr Sheridan said Donald Trump has lost the US presidential election “fair and square” and believes the president would concede “quite soon”.

Joe Biden was declared the winner of the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania on the weekend winning the state’s 20 Electoral College votes.

Mr Trump has not conceded and is challenging counts in several states.

“If Donald Trump was serious about waging a campaign to overturn these results, he would be having rallies in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania and so on,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News.

“I don’t think Trump is altogether serious about this, although it’s always hard to pick Trump,” he said.

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