The Voice of John – One Small Voice Will Speak for Millions

Published on September 18, 2021 by

In 1977, a young nurse was working in an obstetrics unit of a West Virginia hospital, stumbled upon a LIVE baby, placed in a ‘dirty utility room.’ What she did not realize is that Roe vs. Wade had just been passed by the U.S. Supreme Court and this atrocity was now legal! The staff in the facility reprimanded her as she tried to explain that a baby was alive and placed on a cold metal table and left to die! Against their instruction, she held that baby in her arms and listened to his soft whimpering cries for survival. She held the child, baptized him, and said, ‘I name you John, and I will tell the world what I saw here today. I will be your voice!’ Thirty-five years later, Maryann Lawhon has held true to her promise she made in 1977, as River Song Productions presents…”The Voice of John. Over 53,000,000 innocent Americans have lost their lives since 1973. These deaths were not from a global war or dreaded plague. This is the number of American children who have been killed since 1973, when abortion was legalized. The Voice of John is a documentary exposing the truths about abortion and the pro-choice laws that allow this to continue. River-Song Productions (RSP) presents The Voice of John, in an attempt to expose the real truth about the abortion industry. We will reveal the atrocities associated with the culture of death created by the unregulated abortion industry that has never been addressed by the liberal media in America.

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