The Samurai Killing (2021)

Published on September 26, 2021 by

Samurai Killer: The bizarre story of a home invasion gone fatally wrong
As unwelcome as it always is, the act of crime is relatively straightforward to understand. There are villains and there are victims. But on 60 MINUTES, Tara Brown reports on an intriguing case where the roles have been blurred. The intended targets of the offence have become the criminals, while the original instigator of the crime is a casualty. The terrible events unfolded one day two and half years ago when rap artist Jett McKee stormed the home of Blake Davis and Hannah Quinn. He was heavily armed, high on ice, and hellbent on robbing the couple. But in the chaos of the violent attack, Blake Davis managed to get the upper hand, and armed with an ornamental samurai sword he owned, killed Jett McKee. Davis says he had no choice, and that if he hadn’t used the sword, McKee would have killed Hannah. It’s what happened in the aftermath of the killing though that’s even more confounding. Instead of waiting for police, the couple fled the scene and went on the run for three days before handing themselves in. The outcome of this case saw Blake and Hannah charged and convicted of serious crimes, but in their first and only interview, they want Australia to know their side of this complicated and tragic tale.

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