The Biblical Plagues (Full Documentary)

Published on April 16, 2020 by

1. The Biblical Plagues: Duel On the Nile
This documentary presents the spectacular results of the most recent scientific investigations and provides answers to one of the greatest mysteries of the Biblical world.
2. The Biblical Plagues: Darkness Over Egyp
For a long time, scientists have tried to prove that nine of the Ten Plagues described in the Old Testament point to a serious breakdown of the climate, triggering an ecological chain reaction. This documentary explores this question and puts the plagues into context.
3. The Biblical Plagues: Flight From Egypt
Although nine disastrous plagues had already devastated the land along the Nile, Pharaoh remained stubborn and would not release Moses and his people from slavery. And so their God, Yahweh, planned his final assault: At midnight, he sent death over Egypt – all the firstborn, Man or beats, had to die … there was no escape.

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