The Battle of Cedar Creek (1990) – Re-enacting Retro VHS presentation

Published on October 27, 2020 by

October 19, 1864 – Before Dawn, Jubal Early’s veteran Confederate Army unleashed one of the most vicious and successful surprise attacks of the Civil War against Philip Sheridan’s sleeping Federal Army.

Military Historian Joseph W. Whitehouse takes you back to that fateful, foggy morning to critical locations on the battlefield. Extensive action from the 1990 Cedar Creek re-enactment, animated maps, dramatic vignettes, period photographs and drawings, bring this critical battle to life with a clear understanding of how Early’s bold morning victory turned into the end of Confederate power in the Shenandoah Valley by sundown that same day.

Cedar Creek was a pivotal and decisive battle in Lincoln’s November 1864 re-election and Lee’s ultimate defeat. Video taped on location at the Cedar Creek Battlefield and the Belle Grove Mansion in the historic Virginia Shenandoah Valley. Originally produced by Video Vision and released on VHS in 1991.

This is the best digital transfer we could muster as the original VHS (various artifacts), but this is a great time-capsule from the late 1980s. Incredible footage and a great capture of this event from now 30 years ago.

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