‘Secular saint’ Fauci is not a pandemic hero

Published on June 6, 2021 by

Anthony Fauci has been feted as a “secular saint” during the COVID-19 pandemic however released emails show America’s most senior infectious disease expert said one thing in public and another in private, according to Sky News host James Morrow.

The emails were first secured by BuzzFeed through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Buzzfeed published in excess of 3,200 pages of emails from Dr Fauci’s inbox, over the course of January to June 2020.

Dr Fauci was informed as early as February 2020 that COVID-19 could have been engineered in a lab in Wuhan and accidentally unleashed upon the world.

“According to the emails, America’s top medical adviser took the advice seriously, despite downplaying the lab leak theory in public, instead insisting COVID-19 likely originated organically from nature,” Mr Morrow said.

“Remember how back in May of last year, Dr Fauci said there was ‘no evidence’ the coronavirus could have been made in a lab?

“Well it turns out from the very beginning of the pandemic, Dr Fauci’s aides were telling him that actually, it may very well have been engineered.”

Mr Morrow said in the early stages of the pandemic, Dr Fauci turned science “into a religion.”

“Anthony Fauci became, of course, a secular saint among the American left who, over the last year and a half, turned science into a religion, and who, as in Australia, became addicted to alarmism, lockdowns, and giving the power of elected officials over to unelected health bureaucrats – a doctrine that I like to call, Fauch-ism,” he said.

He said the released emails indicate that when future generations look back at the COVID-19 pandemic – which has claimed over three million lives and devastated the livelihoods of millions more – Dr Fauci will not be remembered a hero, rather “something far less flattering”.

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