QF32: Retracing the story of the Qantas A380 mid-air explosion

Published on November 15, 2020 by

Ten years ago, when 440 passengers boarded Qantas Flight 32 bound for Sydney, they had every reason to feel confident. They were flying on what was then the world’s newest, most sophisticated civilian aircraft, powered by prestigious Rolls Royce engines. But six minutes into the flight all that would change, when an explosion sent pieces of searing hot metal shooting out of the engine faster than the speed of sound.

In 2011, Four Corners told the compelling story of the frightening hours that followed.

From the passengers who looked on in horror as a human-sized hole appeared in one wing, to the horrified Qantas staff who tried to verify reports of deaths on the ground as pieces of engine rained down on an Indonesian primary school, “QF32” offers a gripping forensic account of a truly terrifying mid-air incident.


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