How Russia and China are winning the vaccine diplomacy race

Published on February 5, 2021 by

Russia and China have been challenging the West for years. Their military build-ups, infrastructure projects and targeted economic support have bolstered their geopolitical clout. Critics say they’re threatening the international order.
And now, as the deadly coronavirus pandemic disrupts the world, the two powers are casting themselves as global saviors. They offer what everyone desperately needs: COVID-19 vaccines.
Russia and China say they’ll send their vaccines around the world. And this while the United States puts all its efforts into vaccinating its own citizens before looking outward.
The European Union is also focusing inwards, scrambling to inoculate its own people.
China and Russia are taking the opportunity to suggest they can rescue the rest of the world.
There’s is not much help in sight from the US. And here in Brussels, the European Union might have promised to share its vaccines with poorer nations, but right now it’s preoccupied with trying to look after its own citizens.
So shouldn’t we be applauding Russia and China for their efforts?

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