Global National Full Headlines for October 30

Published on October 31, 2021 by

In tonight’s top story: Canadians will now need to show their COVID-19 vaccine passports to travel by air and train within the country and outside its borders. David Akin explains how the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate will work at airports and rail stations.

To help tackle the global COVID-19 vaccine inequities, Canada is donating $15 million to South Africa to help the country develop its own shot. Mike Le Couteur has more on the pledges made at the G20 summit, and whether the help will be enough.

If air travel produces carbon emissions, why isn’t the industry on the agenda at the upcoming COP26? Redmond Shannon explains when the air travel industry may have to start setting new targets.

A major storm brings the worst tidal flooding the U.S. East Coast has seen since 2003, when Hurricane Ida delivered record rains and heavy wind. As Jennifer Johnson explains, extreme weather events are becoming the new normal.

The world is due for a solar superstorm, a once-in-a-century event that could wipe out the internet. For The New Reality, Global’s Laura Casella explains the phenomenon, and how Canada should prepare.

You better watch out because the global supply chain crisis is threatening to spoil this holiday shopping season. Anne Gaviola explains.

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