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Published on October 27, 2021 by

In tonight’s top story: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced his new 39-minister cabinet for his third term. Abigial Bimman reports on the fresh faces joining Trudeau’s inner circle, the familiar face being demoted, who else is taking on new portfolios, and who was shuffled out entirely.

Mike Le Couteur looks at what could be behind key appointments like new Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly and new Environment Minister Steve Guilbeault.

Meanwhile, nearly 62 per cent of Albertans have voted in support of removing federal equalization payments from Canada’s constitution, after Premier Jason Kenney put the issue to a referendum. Kenney says Alberta is getting a raw deal, but he was part of the federal government that agreed to the formula. And the results of this referendum don’t change that formula. So what’s this really about? Heather Yourex-West explains.

As the family feud within Rogers continues, the business world is growing concerned. As Anne Gaviola explains, the telecom giant’s corporate drama is spooking investors, depressing stocks, and potentially threatening a big business deal with Shaw.

Plus, as more Canadians get vaccinated, more pandemic protocols, like mask mandates, are expected to disappear. But as Jamie Maraucher reports, experts warn ditching masks can uncover trouble.

And sick of those pesky work emails you get after you’ve clocked out for the day? Ontario is now mulling new legislation to give people the “right to disconnect,” to ensure work won’t follow you after your shift is over. But as Mike Drolet explains, employment experts don’t think this is a realistic idea.

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