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In tonight’s top story: Ontario-born David Card is now a winner of a Nobel Prize in economics, for his ground-breaking research into worker’s wages. Mike Drolet looks at the U.S.-based professor’s trailblazing research that began decades ago, and has now earned him the prestigious prize.

Meanwhile, amid the pandemic, deadlines are looming for Canadian health-care workers in provinces where they’ll soon be required to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or face suspension and possibly lose their jobs. But as Heather Yourex-West reports, inevitable holdouts could bring a slew of staffing shortages for hospitals and care centres.

There’s also a surprising pocket of resistance against COVID-19 vaccines emerging in the United States, as unions representing police and firefighters have grown increasingly vocal in their opposition against mandatory shots. Jackson Proskow reports on what happens when the business of saving lives comes up against a push to take a life-saving vaccine.

In Australia, Sydney, has finally emerged from its strict 107-day pandemic lockdown, as the country’s most populous state passes the target of 70 per cent of adults fully-vaccinated against COVID-19. But as Redmond Shannon reports, the country’s fight against the virus continues, as it remains divided on the strategy and vaccine rollout.

In Toronto, staff with University Health Network say there’s a new policy surrounding life-saving organ transplants – if you’re not vaccinated chances are you may not qualify. Morgan Campbell explains how the policy was carefully debated by doctors and other medical professionals.

And, all aboard! – Jay Durant looks at the model train mission in Burnaby, British Columbia to keep a beloved hobby and its history alive.

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